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H'cal2019 `In 2019 - Wallpaper Yearly Calendar`

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iTunes App Store
Added support for iPhone all sizes!
The smallest in the world, this calendar does not get in the way.
Wallpaper Yearly Calendar can be created in the year 2019, H'calendar is indescribably unique app. Calendar can appear or disappear. It's like looking at a magic show!

differences between the 2018 version
- Corresponds to iPhone XR, XS Max
- Raised the price (because the size adjustment work is hard)

Useful functions
You can be choice from among five different calendar design that matches the picture. In order to mark the date, you can use the red and yellow.

It's easy to use

@ Select a photo of your choice that you have taken from [Album].
A It is scaled automatically when you place the photo.
B Save to album wallpaper [Screenshot].
C From the settings screen of the device, simply select the image as wallpaper.
- Come and also check [Hige-G App]!

Notes on use app
* To create a wallpaper with a photograph taken with iPhone. Change the photos taken on the size of the screen. Left and right is a little cut. It is not possible to zoom and move the picture. It is not possible to zoom and move the picture.

H'memo `Revolution of Memo & Schedule`

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iTunes App Store
Innovative memo pad, H'memoC.
H'memoC can take the memo intuitively. This application changes quickly in a schedule book with 1 tap. Because it supports iCloud, it is near anytime!

✔ Memo function as is outstanding!
In order to enter the name of the color, you press the button at the top left of the page in the list. While painting the colors you made, you take notes. Even if the date has passed, if you choose the color, you will quickly find the note you're looking for.

✔ Diary has been completed if you notice!
Small operations, such as Todo and Calendar does not need at all. When you look back, scribbled note is now the schedule book that is well-organized.

✔ Breakthrough, how to register the expected date!
This is the registration of the new date exactly. Each time you select the "Next Week", picker moves automatically to that date. In the "Next Year" and "Next Month", you can greatly exceed the number of days. In addition, you can also view and immediately "First of the Month" to "End of the Month". A smartphone, the registration of the schedule is difficult? No, in H'memoC, registration is for a moment.
* The format of the picker will be the format of your country.

✔ Cooperation with the default application with clear role!
You can send a note by e-mail. In addition, you can copy an appointment in the calendar. So, you can choose freely the plan to share or notification.

✔ Because it supports iCloud, you are always usable!
You put down the next plan with iPhone when going out. You write in the details in iPad after going home. At the time of the presentation, you merely read the memo which you wrote in in the workplace with iPhone. Such a usage is possible.

Shorthand in the "Clip Memo"

This app, "Clip Memo" and their standard keyboard has been installed.
You will be able to register 20 boilerplate up to 100 characters. You can easily control the fixed phrase.
If you master the "Clip Memo", shorthand is possible.
By all means, please try to challenge.

Way of recording to the picker
Finally, if you want to record a "Drinking session" to 2.
@ Go to the page in the [Clip] button. You will find the number you want to register in the picker.
A And typing "Drinking session" to "text field" You.
B Column "No." And typing in the number "2".
C Text of the button changes. "Record this sentence to 2"
D If you press the [Record this sentence to 2] button as it is, the items in the picker named "2. Drinking session" you will be recorded.
* In the same way, you can also overwrite recording.

Way of recording to the Memo
Finally, if you want to record "Drinking session, Friend" to the Memo.
@ Go to the page in the [Clip] button. You fit the "2. Drinking session" the picker.
A Appears in the "text field" "Drinking session" in the auto.
B If you press the "Memo" the top right corner of the page, you will be logged in the Memo to "Drinking session". And, you will automatically go to the previous page.
* At this time, if the notes have been filled already another. Consolidation is possible to "Front" or "Behind".
C Switch to normal text input [Memo] button. You ", Friend" if you add, Memo "Drinking session, Friend" that is completed.

Notes on application
* Basic usage of this application
Please use it without deleting the data of iCloud. Because you cannot synchronize when you delete it, please be careful.
* When upgrading to "iCloud Drive". If "iCloud data" of "H'memoC" is not deleted, it cannot be synchronized with thereafter. Because you cannot come back to "iCloud", please be careful.
* List page, you can delete the memo list if you slide the right edge.

H'marking `MEMO location on a map - Also recorded in travel photo`

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iTunes App Store
H'marking note is the location information can be recorded easily.
It can be used in many applications. Let's register the point of your own.

You can use the pin collar, you can determine immediately the location information. According to how lifestyle is possible.
You also use H'marking, let's start the marking life only for you.

It's easy to use

Press the (+) button, pin mustache is falling at the current position. At the same time obtain the address automatically.
Later, take a picture or just write that, I felt at that location. You can modify the location by simply dragging the pin. In addition, only rewriting the address, move to that location map. You can also use in your own home, shop and to create a list.

In addition, you can easily to share it with friends on Facebook and Twitter.
To send mail, and only when you want to send comments, when you want to send the location information, we have prepared this pattern 2. Do not worry, even when I wanted to check the PC screen no longer know where or when.

Find spots in a blink of an eye!
List page, it can sort by the type of pin at the touch of a button, the date can be sorted by the old order. You do not need the time to find the information that you have registered.

Photo taken by H'marking can be easily copied to the default album. So you can work smoothly even when you wanted to watch a slide show of photos accumulated during the trip.You can also select an existing image from the default album. So, you can also record at home and how to use looking back at the trip

✔ H'marking can transfer a spot to Google Maps.
✔ H'marking can transmit a spot to a car navigation system using application NaviCon of Denso.
✔ Change of date, from 2000 until 2099, is a specification that manipulate the data picker.

H'start `Icon alarm timer`

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iTunes App Store
If you want to measure, start immediately!
It can measure up to 60 hours with badge count.
"H'start" is a timer that has advanced functions in a simple operation, you can select the units you want to measure.
Count start if you launch the app at the moment that you want to measure. Unique character of the beard begins to count. And, just to ON center button.
When the "TARGET TIME" came, the alarm sound is activated. You can count up to 60.
In addition, you do not need to worry about in a quiet place since it is switched to silent mode.

Switching of the timer is also easy
Black (MINUTE) timer
White (SECOND) timer
Red (HOUR) timer
The initial screen is counting started in the previous timer.

For specifications on in the background
* As a local notification, alarm switches to large short sound.
* You can change the message of local notification.
By default, tell the elapsed time.
* During silent mode, local notifications will receive about 3 times.
Notification that vibrates at silence, operate continuously.

Notes on use app
* The count stops if the application program is started up and "TARGET TIME" is not set within 1 minutes.
* Alarm sound can not be switched with this application.
So you can listen from here, please try it.

♫ Foreground / Startup Application
♫ Background / Local Notification

About the use of Apple Watch
Badge count will be inherited by Apple Watch. "About the use of Apple Watch" is a suggestion from the Hige-G.
* You can Apple Watch in the count of the stop, but you can not start.
* You can not Apple Watch and device combination is. When you are using the device, the count of Apple Watch will stop.
* To use it you need two.
1. devices with iOS 9 or later
2. Apple Watch (watchOS 2 or later)

Detailed commentary
In the past few years the operation in the background was limited as iOS evolved.
Applications that have been running normally in the background. However, it is the current iOS that often gets an error. This application has been rejected five times, after one year of years, continued to study.
As a result, it has become possible to measure even in the background for up to 60 hours without using a battery. And at the moment it has been reborn as an unparalleled app.
Please use this application a lot without worrying about battery consumption. And please use the limited time effectively.

* This app is also available on any device of iOS 8 or later.

H'clap! `Light & Clock - Sound sensor`

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iTunes App Store
" H'clap! " Light & Clock is equipped with sound sensors.
Light is illuminated in response to sound. Now, clap your hands with everyone!

Mobile phone is a necessity to modern people. Now, will be equipped with the bedside, even when everyone is sleeping.
" H'clap! " Is in response to sound by simply tapping a hand, you can see the bright lights and clock. Operations can be performed without touching the mobile phone.
Everyone want to bedside, is very useful app.

App is recommended for gifts!
Sometimes App will save the people
E To those who are hospitalized.
E People with disabilities.
E People during pregnancy.

It's easy to use

☀ No-Touch also features switching
When you start the app, automatic illumination light quickly.
Light mode and Clock mode switching is possible with (2 continuous sound) Double "Clap". In the same way, you can be switched by even pushing the button at the bottom of the switch.

☀ The sensitivity of the sensor for your own use
Sensitivity setting, you can change at the top of the mark. MAX is the highest sensitivity, the light switches in a little sound. Set, the sensitivity will be dull if you go to the right. Beard running sensor is a number in response to environmental sounds now.

☀ There are two types of lighting method
[HOLD] Light is lit and the light goes off, repeat alternately.
[AUTO] Will turn off automatically after 5 seconds with a light.

☀ Light-featured Rock
When the screen toward the floor, take it with a light lock.
When the screen towards the ceiling, the lock is released.

✔ Display screen is compatible with a horizontal orientation.
✔ Wait for screen to minimize power consumption, making it a faint brightness.
✔ Make sure this launch the app, iPhone auto-lock of the main body will be disabled. A long time, if you want to use light lit, please use while charging.
✔ Camera flash light is not lit.
✔ The use of while listening to music is not allowed.
✔ Sensor will react to external sound. iPhone default to sound an alarm clock does not respond. Alarm other apps that have been downloaded will be setting there is no sound.
✔ One "Clap", many times if the feature is switched. Please try to drop the sensitivity of the sensor to the right one stage.

Actual use is like this! (YouTube)

H'enter `Machine only for calendar registration`

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iTunes App Store
How many minutes does it take?
"H'enter" only registers the schedule to the calendar.
There is a difficult point in the operation though there is innumerably a calendar application program. It is because the schedule is registered on a small screen of iPhone.
H'enter is an application program to aim to add the schedule to the default calendar immediately without the stress by using the registration method of popular "H'memoC".
Please use this epoch-making application program for the people who are managing the reservation and the schedule in the shop and the company.

It's easy to use

The application program is started up, and the time spent on the schedule is chosen. The content of the schedule and the start time are set by the registration method familiar in "H'memoC".
If "Enter" is pushed, the default calendar stands up, and the schedule is registered. The schedule time can set 999 minutes or less up to eight. The content can be registered for 20. the place It is possible to register for 6.
Moreover, mail is sent from "H'enter", and it is possible to share the co-worker with the setting.
* This application program does not provide the function of inspection. Please use the default application program for the confirmation.
* If sentences of the content of the schedule are delimited by ":", the thing distributed to the title column and the memo column is possible.
* This application program can use any device since iOS 7.

Scheme of "H'enter"
Beginning time designation
"Example" henter://?2015/11/21&15:23

Application program building in (for developer)
yourAPP ⇄ H'enter ⇄ Default Calendar → yourAPP
The application can be started mutually by specifying the beginning time.
Please substitute the scheme of the application program for "your.scheme://". Please substitute the time acquired in the application program for "yyyy/MM/dd&HH:mm".
For instance, following URL is opened by "H'memoC".
"H'enter" installed in "iPhone" stands up. It returns to former application program with the button of "BACK to APP". The picker of the beginning time setting has already been selected when keeping inputting it by "H'enter". It returns to former application program if it registers in the default calendar as it is.
Use is free. Please use it by all means.
Please see here built into "H'memoC" about the code.

H'wordbox `Toolbox in account, password, and fixed form sentence`

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iTunes App Store
I wanted such copy & paste an application program.
"H'wordbox" is an epoch-making application program that can easily take out the account, the password, and the character string of fixed form sentence.
Only you understand contents taken out. Moreover, because a set screen is defended by strong security, it is safe. The passing code need not be input many times.
Others do not want to be touched though I want to use at once. It is a toolbox of the word that realizes such modern people's selfishness.

It's easy to use

You choose "shelf". You choose "tool". You choose "mark". It is possible to copy target "word" by only three taps.
Registration is a very comprehensible making. You open the key to "shelf". You are giving "tool" the name. And, you only register "word" in "mark".

- About safety
The preservation of this application program is only a local. Therefore, it is possible to use it by trusting it. The processing preserved in an outgoing access and an external server is not done. Writing of the backup etc. in the outside is possible only by the user. Moreover, it is only a backup encrypted with PC.
Because the leakage of the password occurs from the reproduction of data, it makes it to such a design.

* Four "word" per "tool" can be registered. If they are two mail accounts, it is possible to register. If they are four greeting sentences, it is possible to register. The usage is infinity. Let's make only your toolbox.
* The change in the account and the password is more possible than "SETUP SCREEN". A present account and the password a set screen are always necessary.
Moreover, please note that it is not possible to shift to a set page if it does not restore it by the encrypted backup when you change the device.
* The number of drawing out is considered enough. However, it is possible to add "Three toolboxes" in addition. Please buy it in the application program.
* This application program can use any device since iOS 7.

H'cal~4 `Computer memory! That is visible - Simple calculator`

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iTunes App Store
Able to button the number you want to record, "H'cal~4" is a very useful calculator.
Registration number can be memory 20. In addition, an excellent calculator like that, four total!
You can be selected depending on the purpose. You can only use your favorite color. You can proceed at the same time completely different calculation. Usage is freely.

For example, how to use this

You can easily create a "Household accounts".
It is hard when considering the fact that the size of the screen and moving, creating household accounts on your smartphone. When you feel tired you to fill in, it would be to stop that use the app.
If "H'cal~4", simply start the app. Entry and display and calculation is very simple.
Since the name of the button can be inserted, just launch the app, you can know everything.
It is a revolutionary calculator utilizing the features of the "iPhone".

It's easy to use

Tap the name or mark of the calculator, you will be able to name the color of the calculator.

If you press the (MEMORY) button, and display a red light to (MEMORY) button.
In this state, pressing the custom button on either the left, the number of display will be recorded to the button.
Even during calculation, it is possible to record the value of the display.

Numbers were recorded, in the state do not display a red and shiny (MEMORY) button,
If you press the custom button, that number will be displayed on the display.

In order to move to a page where you fill in the name of the button, press the (▷) button.

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